The artist's work is based on a sense of time and space about the destructive nature of war. "Arte povera", or the so-called "art of poor materials", refers not to the use of cheap materials or a self-righteous sociological critique of society but rather an attempt to confront and reveal the experience of the human world. The recycled felt used in the installation - created by compressing the fibres of shredded fabrics - depicts a trauma that leaves an indelible mark on the individual's personality. It is a landscape of fragmented identity that seeks to regain wholeness; these are the conditions that force one to transform and become the Other. The installation is accompanied by a soundtrack by Kaspars Jaudzems, which integrates intercepted messages from Russian soldiers on the front line in Ukraine and call recordings with the soldiers' families back home.

Curators: Rūdolfs Štamers, Tīna Pētersone

Exposition view, large scale sound installation.

Exhibition space "Tu jau zini kur", Tallinas 10-3, Riga, Latvia. 20.Apr. - 1.May, 2022

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